Charity Work

We are involved in a number of research projects which are funded partially through grants and partially through charitable funds. We also support several charities through fundraising.

The local research funds include the Gastrointestinal Trials Fund which helps with current research projects into Stem Cells and cancer, quality of life in cancer surgery and many other projects. Contact Karen Turner for further details on 01603 287583


The Oesophageal patients Association is one of the largest and best supported patient associations in the UK. It provides regular regional meetings for patients, partners and carers dealing with oesophageal cancer and other oesophageal diseases and has a regular telephone helpline.

Mercy Flyers is a not-for-profit organisation run by two doctors with links to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Their mission is to take specialist medical care to those who are geographically remote and living in poverty in southern African countries. They aim to support and enhance healthcare capabilities through relationships, education and shared experiences, and help people irrespective of their religion or race.